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Evolution Pro Wrestling

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1. First Round: TLC Match- "Mean" Mitch Page vs. Zodiak 2. First Round: Thumbtack Kickpad match- Kaden Sade vs. Lee Byford 3. First Round: Drunken Bar Fight- John Wayne Murdoch vs. Josh Crow 4. First Round: Home Run Derby match- Matt Tremont vs. Mikey McFinnegan 5. First Round: Toybox Death..
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1. Bunkhouse Battle Royal 2. Unlucky 7 Staple Gun match: Christian Skyfire vs. Harry Palmer 3. Ultraviolent Bats: Dale Patricks vs. Deadly Dale 4. Barbed Wire Madness: Josh Crane vs. Tripp Cassidy 5. Thumbtack Kickpads: Christian Skyfire vs. Matt Atreya 6. Extreme TLC: Dale Patricks vs. Josh Cr..
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  1. Devon Nos vs. American Kickboxer 2 vs. Sid Fabulous 2. Big Zo vs. Mr. Sosa 3. Justin Storm & Ace Perry vs. Eddy Young & Percy Davis 4. "Mean" Mitch Page vs. Cash Flo 5. Shane Mercer vs. Tripp Cassidy 6. Shane Mercer vs. Tripp Cassidy vs. Reed Bentley vs. Ace Perry..
Evolution Pro Wrestling June 16, 2017  "Rebirth of Evolution" - Jeffersonville, IN (Download)
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1. Amazing Pooky vs. Van Martigan 2. Red Rocket & ?? vs. Society of Nubianz 3. Alister Wild vs. Jacob Johns vs. Kuro vs. Matt Atreya vs. Petey Young vs. Shawn Kemp 4. Appolo Starr vs. Corey Storm vs. Mickey Midas 5. Amazing Maria vs. Randi West 6. Ram Jam vs. ?? 7. Dale Patricks vs. Jamin ..
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  1. Ace Perry vs Dale Patrick vs Mr. Sosa vs Percy Davis vs Tripp Cassidy 2. The Windy City Saints (Blake Reed & Travis Weir) vs. Aaron Matthews & Cecil Cerveza 3. Rudy Switchblade vs Joe Pittman 4. EPW Elite Title Match: Reed Bentley (c) vs. Ricky Morton 5. Christian Sk..
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