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SCW April 19, 2002 - Pikeville, KY

SCW April 19, 2002 - Pikeville, KY
SCW April 19, 2002 - Pikeville, KY
Southeastern Championship Wrestling - April 19, 2002 - Pikeville, KY
1. Tape starts with some footage from the meet and greet which has some really funny stuff with Buddy Landell & Road Warrior Hawk
2. In Ring Interview with Buddy Landell
3. Dean Baldwin vs Chris Draven vs Ian Killjoy
4. In Ring Interview with "Psycho" Sid Vicious, Sherri Martel & Road Warrior Hawk
5. Bull Pain vs Corporal Robinson
6. Lady Victoria vs Mighty Heidi
7. The Waldos vs Devastation Inc.
8. Hawk Cam - some classic stuff as the camera just follows Hawk around in the back and he has lots to say about the McMahons.
9. Phoenix Foundation vs Jason Extreme & Thorn
10. Shark Boy vs Todd Morton
11. Mark Masters vs Jake Layton

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