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Model: 20070324whdvd
Wicked Hanuman DVD "The Beginning" March 24, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA 1. Cory Kastle vs. Matt Bomboy 2. Metro Sickness vs. Faith In Nothing 3. Akbar vs. Greg Alexander 4. Jo-Jo vs. Crazed 5. Tables Match: VD w/ Big Mac Smack vs. Danny Havoc & Nate Hatred w/ The Dew 6. Jerry Lynn vs. Nicky B..
Model: 20040131sscwvhs
1. Johnny Thunder vs. Mike Tobin 2. New Wave vs. Brian Bass 3. Rob Eckos vs. Ken Scampi 4. All Money Is Legal vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz 5. Ariel & Alicia vs. Tara Charisma & Eclipse 6. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal 7. Viscious Vin vs. Dark Phoenix 8. The Solution vs. Shaolin Wrecking C..
Model: 20040811pxwvhs
Pro Xcitement Wrestling August 11, 2004 - Reading, PA 1. 4 Team Elimination Match - Bad Crew vs Bart Scholl & Skeeter McCoy vs Beauty & The Beast vs Dirty Deeds & Hungarian Barbarian 2. The Patriot vs Adam Flash 3. 3 Way Gauntlet for PXW Jr. Heavyweight Title - Tsunami vs Rocky Styles vs Rebecca..
Model: 20050730anarchydvd
NWA Anarchy DVD July 30, 2005 "Hostile Environment" - Cornelia, GA 1. Slim J vs. Jeremy V 2. Tony Mamaluke vs. Todd Sexton 3. Skeeter Frost vs. Nick Halen 4. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn - Anarchy Rules (with Tank as the Special Ref) 5. Urban Assault Squad vs. Alabama Attitude 6. Jeff Lewis vs. R..
Model: 20030930mcwvhs
Masters Championship Wrestling - September 30, 2003 - Philadelphia, PA "Rocco Rock Tribute Show": This was a tribute show for the late Ted Petty (Rocco Rock). Included, as a bonus, along with the show are several Rocco Rock and Public Enemy matches. 1. Trent Acid vs Joey Matthews 2. Rob Eckos w..
Model: 20030725mapwvhs
Mad Asylum Pro Wrestling, this is the premier event from MAPW and features many of the top mid west wrestlers such as Ace Steel, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Austin Aries, Jimmy Jacobs and Shawn Daivari. 1. Steve Stone vs. Jason Dukes 2. Jayden Draigo w/ Eryn vs. Bobby Bambino vs. Steve Jorda..
Model: 20021205lwevhs
Legacy Wrestling Enterprises - December 5, 2002 - Ft. Worth, TX "Explosion" 1. Jared Steele, Gabe Roach & Eddie Atlas vs. Zane Morris, Steve DeMarco & Largus Black 2. Hotstuff Hernandez vs. C-Diddy vs. Action Jackson 3. Paul London & A.J. Styles vs. The Overboyz 4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan..
Model: 20040925ipwukvhs
IPW UK Sept. 25, 2004 "Extreme Measures" - Orpington, Kent 1. Assassin vs Shaun Avery 2. Spud vs. Jed Masters 3. Tony Superstar Sefton vs. Pukka Darren Burridge 4. The Wonderkid Jonny Storm vs. Sensation of the Nation Rob Hunter 5. The Knights (Ricky Knight & Shining Light Stevie Knight) vs..
Model: 20041121ipwukvhs
IPW UK Nov. 21, 2004 "Show 2" - Orpington, Kent 1. LDN Wrestling Guest Lucha Match - Cabritro vs. Hombre Del Veilo 2. Samurai vs. Flaming Red 3. Majik, Superstar Tony Sefton & Flyin Phil Powers vs. Shining Light Stevie Knight & Team Charming (Jed Masters & Assassin w/Charming Don Char..
Model: 20050626hcwvhs
HCW June 26, 2005 "Mandatory Suicide" - Delmar, DE This show features the return of the Briscoe Brothers to wrestling in a match that can only be described as unlike anything you have ever seen before in the series of matches between Mark and Jay. Also featured on this event is a bloodbath featuri..
Model: 20021012gscwvhs
Golden State Championship Wrestling - October 12, 2002 - Newhall, CA - "The Future" 1. Hardkore Kidd vs. Shannon Ballard 2. Disco Machine w/ Vixen vs. Blazing Tiger 3. Mace vs. Foob Dog 4. Joey Ryan vs. The U.K. Kid 5. Brawlin Bo Cooper vs. Shawn Riddick 6. Excalibur vs. Scott Lost 7. Lil Cho..
Model: 200030329gscwvhs
1. Silver Tyger vs. Infernal 2. GQ Money, Veronica Caine, Kaos promo. After the promo Messiah comes out and attacks them. (Messiah actually breaks hand hitting GQ Money) 3. Super Dragon vs. Joey Ryan 4. Bo Cooper vs. Al Katrazz 5. Shawn Riddik vs. Scorpio Sky 6. Hardkore Kid vs. Frankie Kazaria..
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