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Chaos Pro Wrestling

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  1. Christian Rose vs. Billy Hills 2. Kyle Sykes vs. Alex Castle 3. Shane Smalls vs. Jeremiah Plunkett 4. Matt Cage vs. Joey O'Riley 5. Aaron XTC, Isaac Draven & No. 1 Bob vs. Bull Bronson, Nick Ferrero & Mikey  McFinnegan 6. Malaki Cross & Ty Blade vs. Chic ..
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  1. Hex Gage vs. Ty Blade 2. Bull Bronson vs. Dave Russle 3. Joey O'Riley vs. Mikey McFinnegan vs. Trent Ware vs. Aaron XTC 4. Strong Style Summit Semi-Finals 5. Strong Style Summit Semi-Finals 6. Zakk Sawyers vs. Alex Castle 7. Strong Style Summit Finals..
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  1. Bull Bronson vs. Dave Russle 2. Drew Haskins vs. Matt Yaden 3. The Kentucky Buffet (Matt Cage & Alex Castle) vs. Zakk Sawyers & Kyle Sykes 4. Infinit1 Gauntlet: Christian Rose, Hex Gage, Trent Ware, Mikey McFinnegan, Doomsday, Reed Bentley, Shane Smalls, Coma White, No...
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  1. Matt Cage, Frank Wyatt & Austin Rose vs. Aaron XTC, Joey O'Riley & Zakk Sawyers 2. True Grit Sandpaper Death Match: Chic Canyon vs. Ty Blade 3. Seven Deadly Stockings: Mikey McFinnegan vs. Bull Bronson 4. Unlucky 13: Mad Man Pondo vs. Coma White 5. Boards, Lights &am..
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  1. Chic Canyon vs Bull Bronson 2. "American Muscle" Dave Russle vs Austin Rose 3. Matt Cage vs Jay Spade 4. Hex Gage vs Frank Wyatt 5. Ax Allwardt w/Gaylord Stevens vs Kyle Sykes 6. "Farmer" Billy Hills vs Aaron XTC 7. Infinit1 Championship Match Christian Rose (c) vs Mik..
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  1. Infinit1 Championship Match Mikey McFinnegan (c) vs Jake Dirden 2. "Farmer" Billy Hills & Aaron XTC vs "American Muscle" Dave Russle & En Fuego 3. Frank Wyatt w/Dr. Col. Nolan Angus vs Trent "The Tru" Ware 4. David Vaughn vs "The Alternative" Brandon Gallagher 5. Ric..
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  1. 15 Man Battle Royal 2. Austin Rose vs Aaron XTC 3. "American Muscle" Dave Russle vs Reed Bentley 4. En Fuego vs Frank Wyatt w/Dr. Col. Nolan Angus 5. Zakk Sawyers vs Hex Gage 6. Infinit1 Championship Match Mikey McFinnegan (c) vs Jeremiah Plunkett 7. Ladder Match for t..
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