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Model: 20120422bwmp4
1. Bonus Match: Battle Royal 2. Stupefied vs "Speedball" Mike Bailey 3. "Dirty" Buxx Belmar vs The Green Phantom 4. Beef Wellington vs "Cowboy" Giant Tiger 5. 3.0 & Maxx Fury vs Shayne Hawke & Le Tabarnak De Team 6. "MVP" Michael Von Payton vs Twiggy 7. El Generico vs Sexxx..
Model: 20120610bwmp4
  1. Kevin Steen & Mike Bailey vs. The Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno & Stupefied) 2. Twiggy vs. Franky the Mobster 3. El Generico vs. "Cowboy" Giant Tiger 4. Jagger Miles vs. Shayne Hawke vs. The Green Phantom vs. Dirty Buxx Belmar 5. Michael Von Payton vs. Electrico ..
Model: 20120805bwmp4
  1. Bonus Match The Tank Men (Cecil Tank & Chaz Tank) & Pitbull Brando vs. "The Streak" Pat Boucher, Stew Ramjattan & Chris Cruze 2. Radioactive Wave (Surfer Mitch Thompson & Travis Toxic) vs. 3.0 (Scott "Jagged" Parker & Shane Matthews) 3. Alextreme vs. ..
Model: 20121021bwmp4
1. Bonus Match: Vanessa Kraven, The Streak & Electrico vs. Giant Tiger, Michael Myers & The Wolfman 2. Cecil Tank vs. Twiggy 3. Twiggy vs. Steve Corino 4. Radioactive Wave (Travis Toxic & Surfer Mitch) vs. The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti) 5. SeXXXy Eddy..
Model: 20121103bwmp4
  1. The BATTLEWAR Battle Royale 2. Radioactive Wave (Surfer Mitch Thompson & Travis Toxic) vs. Ryan Rogan & "Superstar" Shayne Hawke 3. Le Tabernak de Team (Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas "The Pipes" Dubois) vs. Electrico & "The Streak" Pat Boucher 4. The Tank Men (Ce..
Model: 20121202bwmp4
  1. Ryan Rogan vs. Pitbull Brando 2. The Tank Men (Cecil Tank & Chaz Tank & Tank Rukn) vs Mike "Speedball' Bailey & The Rock And Roid Express (Twiggy & Franky the Mobster) 3. "Sexy" Leon Saver vs. "The Streak" Pat Boucher 4. Vanessa Kraven vs. "Cowboy" Giant Tiger ..
BattleWar January 13, 2013 "7" - Montreal, QC (Download)
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Model: 20130113bwmp4
1. Bonus Match: The Tankmen vs Alabaster Stern and The Streak 2. The Rock n' Cock Express vs The Throwbacks 3. Giant Tiger vs The Swamp Monster 4. Street Fight: 3.0 vs Tabarnak De Team 5. SeXXXy Eddy vs Drew Gulak vs The Green Phantom vs Travis Toxic vs Tank Rukn 6. Shayne Hawke vs "D..
Model: 20130303bwmp4
1. Bonus Match: The Tankmen vs Electrico & "Heavy" Maxx Fury 2. Player Uno vs Mike Bailey 3. "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea vs Tank Rukn 4. Giant Tiger vs Leon Saver vs Pitbull Brando vs Alex Vega 5. The Rock N' Roid Express vs The Monster Mafia 6. Ryan Rogan vs The Green Phantom 7. Tabarnak De Te..
Model: 20130421bwmp4
1. Bonus Match: Battle Royal 2. "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Player Uno 3. Leon Saver vs Pitbull Brando 4. Drew Gulak vs Shayne Hawke 5. The Green Phantom vs Tank Rukn 6. "Cowboy" Giant Tiger vs Archibald Peck 7. Rock n' Roid Express, Radioactive Wave & "Dirty" Buxx Belmar  vs..
Model: 20130526bwmp4
  1. Bonus Match: Tank Rukn vs Electrico 2. Rubber Match: Player Uno vs "Speedball" Mike Bailey 3. 3.0 (Shane "Big Magic" Matthews/ Scott Parker) vs The Tankmen 4. "Cowboy" Giant Tiger vs Ryan Rogan 5. Rock n' Roid Express (Twiggy/Franky The Mobster) vs RD Evans/Union Jack 6. 2 o..
Model: 20130728bwmp4
  1. "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Ryan Rogan 2. "Dirty" Buxx Belmar & TDT vs Radioactive Wave & Shayne Hawke 3. "Cowboy" Giant Tiger vs Leon Saver 4. The Green Phantom vs Urban Miles 5. Twiggy vs Union Jack 6. Franky The Mobster vs Shane Matthews..
Model: 20130804bwmp4
  1. Shayne Hawke vs Ryan Rogan 2. "Mr Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti vs "Speedball" Mike Bailey 3. The Green Phantom & Radioactive Wave vs The Tankmen 4. Giant Tiger vs Big Bad Quentin 5. Player Uno vs Drew Gulak 6. TDT vs Twiggy 7. "Dirty" Buxx Belmar vs Shayne Hawke ..
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