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Model: 20141201a1dvd
  1. Josh Alexander vs. Petey Williams 2. I Quit Match: Josh Alexander vs. Scotty O'Shea 3. Josh Alexander vs. Brodie Lee vs. Michael Elgin 4. Josh Alexander vs. Fire Ant 5. Josh Alexander vs. Alessandro Del Bruno 6. Josh Alexander vs. Alessandr..
OPW DVD "Best of 2013-2014"
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Model: 20141231opwdvd
1. Homicide vs. Matt Tremont (1/5/13 - Now or Never) 2. Drew Blood vs. Pinkie Sanchez (5/25/13 - Nothing Else Matters) 3. Blk Jeez vs. Oz Tyler (9/28/13 - All or Nothing) 4. Amasis vs. Sonjay Dutt (9/28/13 - All or Nothing) 5. Chris Dickinson vs. Scot Summers (9/28/13 - All or Nothing) ..
Model: 20150118c4dvd
1. Kevin Steen & Max Boyer vs. Hallowicked & Michael von Payton (11/10/07) 2. Kevin Steen vs. Michael von Payton (6/14/08) 3. Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Super Smash Brothers (10/4/08) 4. Kevin Steen vs. Ricky Reyes (11/15/08) 5. Kevin Steen vs. Sonjay Dutt (5/2/09) 6. Kevin Steen..
Model: 20150131czwdvd
For the first time in his 15 year career, BLK Jeez is given the opportunity to speak completely uncensored and uncut. The controversial star already speaks his mind when not asked, just imagine what happens when the cuffs are taken off, this release also features a dozen of his best matches.   ..
Best Of Matt Tremont DVD "Random Acts of Violence Volume 1"
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Model: 20150206tremontvol1dvd
1. Matt Tremont vs. John Wayne Murdoch (3/9/14 - IWA Mid-South) 2. Matt Tremont & Anthony Stone vs. Myke Quest & Nicholas Kaye (3/23/14 - Beyond Wrestling) 3. Matt Tremont vs. Biff Busick (6/22/14 - Beyond Wrestling) 4. Matt Tremont vs. Tim Donst (9/22/14 - West End Wrestling) 5...
DVLH Blu-ray/DVD "Nick Gage: Out On Parole"
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Model: 20150331dvlhdvd
DLVH presents, Nick Gage "Out On Parole" witness firsthand when on March 31, 2015 notorious death match wrestling legend Nick F'N Gage is released from prison after serving 4 years for bank robbery. DVLH was there to document his first days of freedom. Included on this release: 1. Interview 2..
Model: 20150401czwdvd
1. CZW Iron Man Championship: Justice Pain vs. Lobo(c) (Cage of Death 1-10/16/99) 2. CZW Heavyweight Championship: Justice Pain vs. Lobo(c) (Cage of Death 2...After Dark-9/9/00) 3. CZW Heavyweight Championship: Lobo(c) vs. Zandig (Cage of Death 2...After Dark- 9/9/00) 4. CZW Heavyweight Champions..
Model: 20150401pwodvd
"The Madhouse of Extreme" - The Elks Lodge in Queens, New York is one of wrestling's most infamous battlegrounds, where many hardcore legends earned their reputations. But just because the three letters that these warriors became so synonymous with ceased operations, doesn't mean their years of bloo..
Model: 20150402pwodvd
Gregory Iron was never "supposed" to make it. Fighting the odds from literally day one, Greg experienced many hardships. From being born premature, to the discovery of cerebral palsy affecting the right side of his body, to a home filled with turmoil and abuse, to a series of concussi..
Model: 20150403pwodvd
Before the headphones & the airhorn, Shiima Xion was an internationally traveled independent wrestler and the first Filipino male supermodel in professional wrestling. The self-proclaimed "Future of Fashion" and "Filipino Flex Factory" brought a style like no other both in-ring and out..
IWA Deep South DVD "10 Years Of Carnage Cup"
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Model: 20150501iwadsdvd
This documentary jumps into the world of death match wrestling and features 3 hours of intense action, packaged in a deluxe 4 panel DVD digi-pak and complete with bonus matches. In August 2005 promoter Kevin Brannen formed IWA Deep-South and set out to fulfill his dream of running deathmatch tour..
C*4 DVD "¡Olé!- The Best of El Generico in C*4"
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Model: 20150701c4dvd
1. El Generico vs. Hallowicked (6/14/08- Crossing the Line) 2. El Generico vs. Xtremo (1/17/09- Level Up) 3. El Generico, Blk Jeez & Kevin Steen vs. Super Smash Brothers & Xtremo (3/7/09- Domination 2K9) 4. El Generico vs. Michael Von Payton (9/11/09- Triumph 2009) 5. El Generico vs. Tys..
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