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IWA Mid-South Wrestling

Model: 20031997kotdmiwamsdvd
IWA-MS DVD "Best Of King Of The Death Matches 1997-2003" This DVD compilation features some of the best matches from the 1997 - 2003 King Of The Death Matches. 1. Spider Web Death Match: Mad Man Pondo vs. Doug Gilbert - KOTDM 1997 2. Electrified Light Bulb Death Match: Ian Rotten vs. Ax..
Model: 20040116iwamsvhs
IWA continues its streak of great shows with this one featuring the world title match between Danny Daniels and Jerry Lynn...also Ian Rotten and JC Baileys war explodes in a brutal I Quit a wild 3 way thumbtack match....a great 6 man lucha style match and more with all the IWA stars. Ta..
Model: 20040117iwamsdvd
IWA-MS DVD Jan. 17 & March 6, 2004 - Highland, IN These events were not shot by Smart Mark Video, and come from the edited VHS masters. We've brightened the picture as best as we could for the best viewing experience possible for this dual release DVD. IWA-MS January 17, 2004 "Put Up Or Sh..
Model: 20040124iwamsvhs
1. Alex Shelley vs Trik Davis 2. Petey Williams vs Alex Shelley 3. JC Bailey vs Petey Williams 4. Steve Stone vs Brad Bradley 5. Chris Hamrick vs Morbid 6. Danny Daniels vs Corporal Robinson 7. Corporal Robinson & Steve Stone vs Brad Bradley & Danny Daniels..
Model: 20040131iwamsvhs
1. Jaimy Coxxx vs Eddie Venom 2. "The Tremendous" Emil Sitoci vs "CK3" Conrad Kennedy III 3. Petey Williams vs Casanova 4. BJ Whitmer vs Arik Cannon 5. Daizee Haze vs Ms.Chif 6. Matt Sydal vs Delirious 7. I Quit Match - JC Bailey vs "Spyder" Nate Webb 8. Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz vs Corpora..
Model: 20040213iwamsdvd
IWA-MS DVD February 13, 2004 "Payback, Pain & Agony" - Highland, IN This show has been re-mastered for DVD release, the show was shot with two cameras and includes commentary. IWA put on a fantastic, must see show highlights include a fantastic match between Petey Williams and Matt Sydal in ..
Model: 20040214iwamsvhs
Another great IWA show featuring a great match between B-Boy and Arik Cannon...also a great match between Jimmy Jacobs and Austin Aries.....Adam Flash vs Ian Rotten....Ryan Boz vs Trik Davis in a match that saw Trik get destroyed and much more in another fantastic show. Taped with 2 cameras and comm..
Model: 20040221iwamsvhs
1. Emil Sitoci vs Frankie the Face 2. Trik Davis & Eddie Venom vs The Highlanders 3. BJ Whitmer vs Steve Stone 4. Jimmy Jacobs vs Arik Cannon 5. "Road Dogg" BG James vs Cash Flo 6. Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Stone vs BJ Whitmer & Arik Cannon..
Model: 20040307iwamsvhs
1. Daizee Haze vs. Mickie Knuckles 2. Steve Stone vs. Delerious vs. Nigel McGuinness 3. Zach Gowen vs. Emil Sitoci 4. BG James & Trik David vs. Ryan Boz & Jim Fannin 5. Corporal Robinson vs. Nate Webb 6. Jerry Lynn vs. BJ Whitmer..
Model: 20040319iwamsvhs
1. Emil Sitoci vs. Ryan Ash 2. Steve Stone vs. Jaimy Coxxx 3. Petey Williams vs. Nigel McGuinness 4. Trik Davis vs. JC Bailey 5. Austin Aries vs. Danny Daniels 6. Ian Rotten vs. Ryan Boz 7. Matt Sydal vs. Nate Webb..
Model: 20040327iwamsvhs
1. Brad Bradley vs. Austin Aries 2. Corporal Robinson & Emil Sitoci vs. The Highlanders 3. Chad Collyer vs. Conrad Kennedy III 4. Nate Webb vs. Jaimy Coxxx 5. Nigel McGuinness vs. Petey Williams 6. Danny Daniels & Ryan Boz vs. Ian Rotten & Steve Stone..
IWA Mid-South DVD April 9, 2004 "April Bloodshowers 2004" - Oolitic, IN
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Model: 20040409iwamsdvd
IWA Mid-South DVD "April Bloodshowers 2004" This is SMVs first IWA release on DVD and features a great card including a wild and bloody fans bring the weapons match, a great first time match between AJ Styles and B-Boy, a great iron man match and so much more. Also included is a digitally remastere..
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