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$10 Dollar Rasslin February 27, 2016 "Saturday Nitro" - Weogufka, AL (Download)

$10 Dollar Rasslin February 27, 2016 "Saturday Nitro" - Weogufka, AL (Download)
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$10 Dollar Rasslin February 27, 2016 "Saturday Nitro" - Weogufka, AL (Download)
1. Dynomite vs. Storm
2. Kornbread vs. Freight Train
3. $10 Dollar Money in the Bank Rumble
4. Triple Threat Softcore Title Match: Dick Justice vs. Insane Lane vs. Ronnie Jenkins
5. Bullet Bob Armstrong vs. Jimmy Golden
6. The Armstrongs vs. Jimmy Golden, Will Owens and Major Havoc
7. 5 Man Tables, Ladders and Legos Match: John Rare vs. Prophet vs. Talon vs. Keylo Green vs. Phil Macchio
8. Bonus Material: Hosted by Comedian Tim Statum and Gene Jackson includes backstage interviews
9. Bonus Match Joe Hogan vs. Antonio Garza

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