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3PW June 19, 2004 "Splintered" - Philadelphia, PA

3PW June 19, 2004 "Splintered" - Philadelphia, PA
3PW June 19, 2004 "Splintered" - Philadelphia, PA

Highlights from this show include the first ever meeting of Sabu and Ruckus and they tore the house down...also a great 3 way dance between AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn & 3PW champion Joey Matthews...Mike Kruel vs Damian Adams in a great match...and of course the monthly dose of Matt Striker who this time was The Ultimate Striker in what may have been his best stuff yet (he also morphed into variations of Sting, Goldust & Great Muta throughout the match).
1. N8 Mattson vs Ron Zombie
2. Christopher Daniels promo
3. Mike Kruel vs Damian Adams
4. The Sugar Shack with Tod Gordon & Talia
5. Johnny Grunge vs Rockin Rebel
6. Tables, Ladders & Chairs: CJ ODoyle vs "Pitbull" Gary Wolf
7. Roadkill with Jasmin St. Claire vs The Blue Meanie
8. Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter vs Rob Eckos & The Ultimate Striker
9. Sabu vs Ruckus
10. AJ Styles vs Joey Matthews vs Jerry Lynn

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