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3XW DVD June 9, 2012 "Live! - Boone" - Boone, IA

3XW DVD June 9, 2012 "Live! - Boone" - Boone, IA
3XW DVD June 9, 2012 "Live! - Boone" - Boone, IA


1. Barry Ryte vs. Jaysin Strife
2. Lucy Mendez vs. Miss Natural
3. Matt Murphy with Todd Countryman vs. Jimmy Rockwell - appearance by "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
4. Brady A. Dezire vs. Ray Stryker
5. Jeff O'Shea vs. Ryan Slade
6. The Midwest Chainsaw Massacre (SM King & Mitch Black) vs. The American Bulldogs (Maddog McDowell & Jon West with Skylar Pierce) 

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