AIW "Best Of Drake Younger" (Download)


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AIW "Best Of Drake Younger" (Download)

This latest best of from AIW features and is hosted by Drake Younger.

1. Fans Bring the Weapons: Drake Younger vs. "The Passion" John Thorne vs. Necro Butcher (10/28/07- Hell on Earth 3)
2. CZW Heavyweight Championship: Drake Younger(c) vs. Vincent Nothing (9/21/08- Die Another Day)
3. Drake Younger vs. Vincent Nothing (12/19/08- Nightmare Before X-Mas 2)
4. AIW Championship: Drake Younger vs. Sterling James Keenan(c) (2/26/09- March for the Gold 2)
5. AIW Championship: Drake Younger(c) vs. Josh Prohibition (2/28/09- Gauntlet for the Gold 4)
6. AIW Championship/Fans Bring the Weapons: Drake Younger(c) vs. Jimmy Demarco (6/12/09- Absolution 4)
7. Drake Younger vs. Shima Xion (8/28/09- Honor & Vengeance)
8. Drake Younger vs. Sterling James Keenan (12/20/09- Nightmare Before X-Mas 3)
9. Drake Younger vs. Rickey Shane Page (4/6/12- Straight Outta Compton)
10. Drake Younger vs. Arik Cannon vs. Davey Vega vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Ethan Page vs. Facade (7/1/12- Absolution 7)