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ACW DVD January 15, 2017 "Guilty By Association XI" - Austin, TX

ACW DVD January 15, 2017 "Guilty By Association XI" - Austin, TX
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ACW DVD January 15, 2017 "Guilty By Association XI" - Austin, TX

1. Donnie Giovanni vs. Richard Reason
2. Mad Tigre vs. Wade Olson
3. Allie Kat, Skyler Fayden & Taylor Jett vs. Christi Jaynes, Reggie Lincoln & Tank Engine Thomas
4. Street Fight: Jeff Gant vs. Mr. B
5. Graham Bell vs. Jake Garvin vs. Johnny Axxle vs. Marcus Rose
6. The Fu-Tang Clan (Scotty Santiago & Shigeyuki Kawahara) vs. The Hooligans vs. Lords of Seduction (Cherry Ramons & Dominic Dallas Starr) vs. The Taylors (DG & Zac Taylor)
7. I Quit Match: Jack Jameson vs. Leva Bates
8. Alexander Rudolph vs. Masada
9. ACW Televised Championship: Darin Childs(c) vs. Ricky Starks
10. ACW American Joshi Championship: Angel Blue(c) vs. Sage Sin
11. Ethan Daniels vs. Michael Shafer vs. Ruthless Lala
12. Jason Silver vs. Sky de LaCrimosa
13. ACW Unified Championship: Curt Stallion(c) vs. Jojo Bravo

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