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ACW May 20, 2012 "Nothing As Real As A Dream '12" - Austin, TX (Download)

ACW May 20, 2012 "Nothing As Real As A Dream '12" - Austin, TX (Download)
ACW May 20, 2012 "Nothing As Real As A Dream '12" - Austin, TX (Download)

1. Killah Kash vs. Scot Summers
2. The Electric Company vs. The Takeover
3. Chingo vs. JT LaMotta
4. Mojo Bravado vs. Slim Sexy & JC Bravo
5. Double Date Tag Match: Matthew Palmer & Su Yung vs. Athena & Davey Vega
6. Pierre Abernathy vs. Robert Evans
7. Dream Warriors vs. The Lost Boys
8. Evening Gown Match: Portia Perez & Rachel Summerlyn vs. Angel Blue & Lady Poison
9. Shawn Vexx vs. Jaykus Plisken vs. ACH
10. Jerry Lynn & Mat Fitchett vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico & Gary Jay)

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