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AIW Blu-ray/DVD August 2, 2019 "Absolution XIV" - Cleveland, OH

AIW Blu-ray/DVD August 2, 2019 "Absolution XIV" - Cleveland, OH
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AIW Blu-ray/DVD August 2, 2019 "Absolution XIV" - Cleveland, OH
1. MJF vs. Big Twan Tucker
2. 40 Acres (AJ Gray, PB Smooth & Tre Lamar) vs. The Production (Danhausen, Derek Director & Eddy Only)
3. Bunkhouse Brawl: Jock Samson vs. Mance Warner
4. John Thorne vs. Swoggle
5. Submit Or Surrender: Dominic Garrini vs. Tim Donst
6. KTB vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Wheeler Yuta
7. Anything Goes: Nick Gage vs. Zach Thomas
8. AIW Tag Team Championship: PME vs. To Infinity & Beyond(c)                                                                                           
9. AIW Intense Championship Falls Count Anywhere: Joshua Bishop(c) vs. Matthew Justice w/ Bill Alfonso                             
10. AIW Absolute Championship: Eddie Kingston vs. Tom Lawlor(c)

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