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AIW DVD ''Attitude.Charisma.Heart: The Best Of ACH in AIW''

AIW DVD ''Attitude.Charisma.Heart: The Best Of ACH in AIW''
AIW DVD ''Attitude.Charisma.Heart: The Best Of ACH in AIW''

This latest AIW Best Of is hosted by ACH.

1. ACH vs. Gary Jay (5/20/11- TPI 2011)
2. ACH, Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett vs. The Submission Squad (12/23/11- Nightmare Before Christmas)
3. ACH vs. Facade vs.Rickey Shane Page vs. Uhaa Nation (3/2/12- Gauntlet for the Gold 7)
4. 30 Minute Iron Man match: ACH vs. AR Fox (4/6/12- Straight Outta Compton)
5. ACH vs. Davey Vega (5/11/12- JLIT Day 1)
6. ACH vs. Adam Cole (7/1/12- Absolution VII)
7. 30 Min Iron Man match: ACH vs. AR Fox (11/23/12- Hell on Earth 8)
8. ACH VS. Ethan Page (2/8/13- Conspiracy Theory)
9. ACH VS. Michael Elgin (2/8/13- Conspiracy Theory)
10. ACH vs. Josh Alexander (5/24/13- LT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 1)


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