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AIW DVD "Best of 2014"

AIW DVD "Best of 2014"
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AIW DVD "Best of 2014"
1. AIW Absolute Championship: Drake Younger vs. Michael Elgin(c) (TGIF)
2. Athena vs. Mia Yim (Girls Night Out 11)
3. Alex Shelley vs. Tim Donst (Nothin But a G Thang)
4. Buff Bagwell (JLIT)
5. Chris Sabin vs. Kevin Steen (Absolution 9)
6. Steel Cage match: Gregory Iron vs. Veda Scott (Battle of the Sexes)
7. Christopher Daniels vs. Louis Lyndon (Failure by Design)
8. Candice LeRae vs. Johnny Gargano (WrestleRager)
9. AIW Absolute Championship: Josh Alexander vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Tim Donst(c) vs. Tyson Dux (Hell on Earth 10)
10. Candice LeRae vs. Dick Justice vs. Eric Ryan vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Joshua Singh vs. Rickey Shane Page (Charge it to the UnderHills)
11. Bonus match: Matt Tremont vs. Tim Donst (West End Wrestling- Burning Down the House)

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