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AIW July 16, 2006 "Die Hard" - Cleveland, OH (Download)

AIW July 16, 2006 "Die Hard" - Cleveland, OH (Download)
AIW July 16, 2006 "Die Hard" - Cleveland, OH (Download)

1. Sensei Mike Krease vs. Rebis
2. Brandon X vs. Van Hughes
3. Tyrone Evans vs. The Savage
4. Jay Violence vs. Shawn Blaze vs. Eastside Eddie vs. Starless vs. Jason Gory vs. AIW Intense Champion Dios Salvador
5. Vincent Nothing vs. Marion Fontaine
6. The Thrillbilly vs. John Thorne
7. Raymond Rowe vs. Kano
8. AIW Tag Team Champions The Cut Throat Crew (Morty Rackem & Rufio Rapier) vs. The Vinos (Frankie & Romeo Vino) vs. Alpha Beta Duke (The Duke & Patrick Hayes)
9. AIW Absolute Champion "The Deviant" Michael Hutter vs. M-Dogg20 Matt Cross
10. Fans Bring the Weapons: New Jack vs. Christian Faith

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