AIW "The Best Of Blood" (Download)


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AIW "The Best Of Blood" (Download)

This compilation of the bloodiest matches in AIW history is hosted by Mad Man Pondo. 

1. Rude Boy vs. The Thrillbilly - "Rude Boy Strikes"

2. Fans Bring The Weapons: New Jack vs. Christian Faith - "Die Hard"

3. Necro Butcher vs. Drake Younger vs. John Thorne - "Hell On Earth 3"

4. Mad Man Pondo vs. John Thorne - "Gauntlet For The Gold 3"

5. Revelation 13 (Thorne, Justice & Younger) vs. Oh, Snap Inc. (Faith In Nothing & Mad Man Pondo) - "Absolution 3"

6. Beer Bottle On A Pole Match: Jimmy Demarco vs. Facade - "Nightmare Before X-Mas 2"

7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Drake Younger vs. Jimmy Demarco - Absolution 4"

8. Fans Bring The Weapons: Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. Alpha Beta Duke - "Nightmare Before X-Mas 3"

9. Johnny Gargano vs. Chest Flexor - "Girls Night Out 4"

10. Masada vs. Mad Man Pondo - Hell On Earth 7"