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AWS August 24, 2013 "Hardcore Time" - South Gate, CA (Download)

AWS August 24, 2013 "Hardcore Time" - South Gate, CA (Download)
AWS August 24, 2013 "Hardcore Time" - South Gate, CA (Download)

1. Kitana Vera vs. Mariah Moreno
2. Biggie Biggz, El Ridiculoso & Hector Canales vs. Chris Kadillak, Mikey O'Shea & Mondo Vega
3. SoCal Crazy vs. Willie Mack
4. Los Banditos ( Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido) vs. PPRay ( Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas)
5. B-Boy vs. Scorpio Sky
6. Che Cabrera vs. Ricky Mandel vs. Ryan Taylor vs. Tyler Bateman
7. Candice LeRae vs. Hudson Envy
8. AWS Heavyweight Championship: Joey Ryan vs. Lil Cholo(c)

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