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BBP - September 8, 2000 - Toms River, NJ

BBP - September 8, 2000 - Toms River, NJ
BBP - September 8, 2000 - Toms River, NJ

Big Buc Promotions - September 8, 2000 - Toms River, NJ
1. Crowbar vs Kevin Knight
2. Harley Lewis vs BJ Thomas
3. The Backseat Boyz & Biggie Biggs vs The Matrix
4. King Kong Bundy vs The Patriot w/ Jasmine St. Claire
5. 911 vs Big Slam Vader
6. Dr. Hurtz vs Slayer - Stretcher Match
7. Blue Meanie & Donnie B. vs Rik Ratchet & Felipe the Pool Boy - Steel Cage Match

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