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"Best of Lightning Mike Quackenbush" DVD

"Best of Lightning Mike Quackenbush" DVD
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"Best of Lightning Mike Quackenbush" DVD

"Best of Lightning Mike Quackenbush" DVD
This DVD contains some of Mike's favorite matches from around the globe as it features matches from Germany, Mexico and the U.S.
1. Quack, Icarus & Gran Akuma vs The Wild Cards & Jigsaw (from JCW)
2. Quack vs Claudio Castagnoli (from WXW in Germany)
3. Quack, Fantasy, Star Boy & Avis Man vs Judas, Raul Gurrerro Jr., Paranoico & Psicopatica (from IWRG in Mexico)
4. Quack vs Jonny Storm (from WXW)
5. Quack vs Skayde (from IPW in Mexico)
6. Quack vs X-Dream vs Jody Fleisch (from WXW)
7. Quack vs Skayde (from Chikara)
8. Quack, UltraMantis, Gran Akuma & Icarus vs The Wild Cards, Jigsaw & Hallowicked (from CZW)

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