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Guanatos Hardcore Crew DVD "Extreme Warfare Volume 1"

Guanatos Hardcore Crew DVD "Extreme Warfare Volume 1"
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Guanatos Hardcore Crew DVD "Extreme Warfare Volume 1"
1. Hot as Hell - August 5 2018 - Thumbtack Match - Willy Banderas vs. Aero Extreme
2. Second Chance November 3 2018 - Ambulance Match - Tony Rodriguez vs. Makabre
3. Principe Del Deathmatch - May 5 2019 - Light Tubes Death Match - Shyru Jr vs. Trakalosa vs. Black Golden
4. Se Buscan Vivos O Muertos - August 3 2019 - All Out War - Crazy King & Willy Banderas vs. Aster Boy & Demencia vs. Hijo de Bucanero Jr & Sniper vs. Delirio & Xtreme Fly
5. We Want You For Lucha Extrema - March 7 2020 - Old School vs. New School Lucha Extrema - Shyru Dragon, Angel o Demonio & Ovett vs. Shyru Jr, Black Golden & Demencia
6. Riesgo Biologico - No Ring Death Match - July 4 2020 - Instinto vs. Delirio
7. Murder Mansion - August 9 2020 - No Ring Death Match - Shyru Jr vs. Xtreme Fly vs. Black Golden

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