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Ethan Page DVD "ALL EGO, The Ethan Page Story"

Ethan Page DVD "ALL EGO, The Ethan Page Story"
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Ethan Page DVD "ALL EGO, The Ethan Page Story"
1. Interview - 105 Minutes
2. Ethan Page vs. Sterling James Keenan (VPW "Summer Bash 2"  8/16/08)
3. Ethan Page vs. Teddy Stigma (VPW "We Live for This" 2/20/09)
4. Ethan Page vs. Michael Elgin (IWA Mid-South "Benefit for Acid Jazz" 6/7/09)
5. Ethan Page vs. Adam Cole vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Greg Excellent (Force 1 "No More Sorrow" 4/30/10)
6. Ethan Page vs. Josh Alexander (AIW "It Feels Good to be a Gangsta" 4/26/13)
7. Ethan Page vs. Player Uno (C*4 "Triumph" 11/23/13)
8. Ethan Page vs. Player Dos (C*4 "Maximum Overdrive" 3/14/14)
9. Ethan Page vs. Buff Bagwell (AIW "JLIT- Night 2" 5/24/14)
10. Ethan Page vs. Louis Lyndon (IWC "Super Indy XIII" 6/14/14)
11. Dog Collar match: Ethan Page vs. Eddie Kingston (AIW "Hell on Earth X" 11/28/14)
12. Ethan Page vs. RD Evans (Alpha 1 "Mat Rats" 1/18/15)
13. Extreme Rules: Ethan Page vs. Tyler Thomas (Alpha 1 "Immortal Kombat 3" 5/10/15)
14. Ethan Page vs. Biff Busick (Alpha 1 "Assemble" 6/14/15)
15. Ethan Page & Josh Alexander vs. Gym Rats (Alpha 1 "Seppuku" 7/12/15)
16. Ethan Page vs. Allysin Kay (AIW "Battle of the Sexes 2" 8/14/15)
17. Ethan Page vs. Johnny Gargano (AAW "Jawbreaker" 10/9/15)

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