IWA Mid-South Blu-ray/DVD "Road to the Ted Petty Invitational"


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IWA Mid-South Blu-ray/DVD "Road to the Ted Petty Invitational"

The road to the TPI was a long one, as the twenty four competitors in the 2019 TPI competed all summer long for superiority in the IWA.
1. 6/7/19 Destructo Pro “Yo Soy Destructo”: Alice Crowley vs. Bristol Hayle
2. 7/11/19 Welcome to the Danger Zone: Kongo Kong vs. Aaron Williams
3. 7/25/19 In Our House: Larry D vs. Kongo Kong
4. 8/1/19 Summer Stiff Fest: Lukas Jacobs vs. Kevin Giza
5. 8/8/19 Now We Go To School: Lukas Jacobs vs. Kevin Giza
6. 8/8/19 Now We Go To School: Adam Slade vs. Kongo Kong vs. Larry D 
vs. Aaron Williams
7. 8/15/19 Life’s Not Fair: Kevin Giza vs. Lukas Jacobs
8. 8/22/19 Dodgebrawl: Sage Phjilips vs. Alice Crowley
9. 8/29/19 No Retreat No Surrender: Kevin Giza vs. Lukas Jacobs
10. 9/5/19 Prelude to Petty: Alice Crowley vs. Kevin Giza
11. Bonus: Interviews from all 24 TPI Competitors