Bull Pain Shoot Interview (AUDIO)


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Bull Pain Shoot Interview (AUDIO)

This is the complete Bull Pain Shoot Interview, in MP3 audio form.

Many people only know Bull Pain from his work in the midwest indies over the past few years, but he has been working for 20 years all over the world and has tons of great stories from his days working in AWA, WWF, WCW, ECW, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Memphis, St. Louis and tons of other territories. Hear his thoughts and stories on tons of people including Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Verne Gagne, Harley Race, Wahoo McDaniel, Curt Hennig, Kevin Nash, Scott Norton, Bruiser Brody, Jackie Fargo, Dallas Page, Van Hammer, Eric Bischoff, Nakamaki, Carlos Colon, Sandman, Todd Morton, Ian Rotten, Mitch Rider, Mil Mascaras and just tons more. A great, informative and funny 3 and a half hour interview. Highly recommended.