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C*4 "¡Olé!- The Best of El Generico in C*4" (Download)

C*4 "¡Olé!- The Best of El Generico in C*4" (Download)
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C*4 "¡Olé!- The Best of El Generico in C*4" (Download)
1. El Generico vs. Hallowicked (6/14/08- Crossing the Line)
2. El Generico vs. Xtremo (1/17/09- Level Up)
3. El Generico, Blk Jeez & Kevin Steen vs. Super Smash Brothers & Xtremo (3/7/09- Domination 2K9)
4. El Generico vs. Michael Von Payton (9/11/09- Triumph 2009)
5. El Generico vs. Tyson Dux (3/13/10- Domination 2010)
6. El Generico vs. Stu Grayson (5/1/10- Stand Alone 2010)
7. El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kevin Steen vs. Manabu Soya vs. Player Uno vs. Stu Grayson (6/18/10- Crossing the Line III)
8. El Generico vs. Michael Elgin (11/27/10- Only the Best 3)
9. El Generico vs. Mike Bailey (3/26/11- Level Up 2011)
10. El Generico, Beef Wellington & Twiggy vs. Josh Alexander, Michael Von Payton & Rahim Ali (6/17/11- Crossing the Line IV)
11. El Generico vs. Josh Alexander (11/26/11- (R) Evolution 514)
12. El Generico vs. Josh Alexander (1/21/12- Level Up 2012)

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