Chikara DVD May 21, 2005 "Anniversario Orange" - Emmaus, PA


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Chikara DVD May 21, 2005 "Anniversario Orange" - Emmaus, PA

Chikara DVD May 21, 2005 "Anniversario Orange" - Emmaus, PA
Night 2 of Chikaras 3rd anniversary weekend featured a fantastic 6 man tag team main event which saw the Chikara return of Reckless Youth...Shane Storm vs UltraMantis Black in a great match...Knight Eye vs Team Toryumon X...Equinox vs Hallowicked....and more with all your Chikara favorites. Taped by SMV with commentary by Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney, Bryce Remsburg and The Kabuki Kid.
1. Music Video
2. Hallowicked vs. Equinox
3. Rorschach vs. Private Eye
4. Shane Hagadorn vs. Matt Turner
5. Dr. Cheung vs. Andy Sumner
6. Skayde & Kanjyouru Matsuyama vs. Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy
7. Icarus vs. Nebula
8. Shane Storm vs. UltraMantis Black
9. Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush & Reckless Youth vs. Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon
10. Bonus Match 9/25/04 - Hallowicked vs. Jolly Roger
11. Bonus Match 9/25/04 - UltraMantis Black vs. Mister ZERO
12. Bonus Match 9/25/04 - Spyrazul vs. Shane Storm