Chikara DVD October 30, 2004 "The Cibernetico Cometh" - Emmaus, PA


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Chikara DVD October 30, 2004 "The Cibernetico Cometh" - Emmaus, PA

Chikara DVD "The Cibernetico Cometh" October 30, 2004 Emmaus, PA
Fantastic show from Chikara from top to bottom. The main event was a Torneo Cibernetica which was made famous in EMLL and is a 16 man elimination match pitting two teams of eight with a specific batting order against each other until one man remains. Great match. In other highlights, Mexican star Oriental took on Toryumon trainer Skayde in a fantastic 2 out of 3 falls match...and in a great hard hitting tag match, The Wild Cards took on Joker and Sabian. Just a great show overall, highly recommended, if you are a Chikara fan than this is a must see show and if youve never seen Chikara check out this show.
1. European Rules: Claudio Castagnoli vs American Gigolo
2. Ravage vs Niles Young
3. The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano) vs Joker & Sabian
4. 2 out of 3 falls: Oriental vs Skayde
5. Torneo Cibernetica: Rorschach, Mano Metalico, Hallowicked, Spyrazul, ShareCropper, UltraMantis Black, Crossbones, & Larry Sweeney vs Mister ZERO, Gran Akuma, Jolly Roger, Private Eye, DJ Skittlez, Shane Storm, Icarus & Jigsaw