CZW DVD June 6, 2009 "Tournament of Death 8" - Townsend, DE


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CZW DVD June 6, 2009 "Tournament of Death 8" - Townsend, DE

CZW DVD June 6, 2009 "TOD 8" - Townsend, DE

This DVD releases features replays, promos and optional commentary.

1. Fire Match: Nick Gage vs. Deranged
2. Thumbtack Kick Pads: xOMGx vs. Scotty Vortekz vs. Drake Younger
3. Barbed Wire Boards & Light Tube Bundles: Toby Klein vs. WHACKS
4. Pane In The Glass: Dysfunction vs. Danny Havoc
5. Tables, Chairs & Silverware: Jon Moxley vs. Brain Damage
6. Cinderblocks & Light Tubes: DJ Hyde vs. Thumbtack Jack
7. Fans Bring The Weapons: Nick Gage vs. Jon Moxley vs. Scotty Vortekz
8. Fans Bring The Weapons: WHACKS vs. Danny Havoc vs. Thumbtack Jack
9. Alex Colon vs. Tyler Veritas
10. Devon Moore vs. Greg Excellent
11. Sami Callihan vs. Trent Acid
12. Light Tubes & Panes Of Glass: Nick Gage vs. Thumbtack Jack