CZW DVD July 24, 2004 "Tournament of Death 3" - Smyrna, DE


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CZW DVD July 24, 2004 "Tournament of Death 3" - Smyrna, DE

Combat Zone Wrestling DVD "Tournament of Death 3" July 24, 2004 - Smyrna, DE

This year CZWs annual death match tournament was expanded to 12 of the craziest wrestlers in the world today as it featured wrestlers from CZW, the midwest, and Canada. Fans are calling this CZWs best TOD yet. If you liked the previous TODs, youll love this one. There are way too many crazy highlights to list them all here, but in one of the sickest things ever, Sexxxy Eddy cut an artery in his arm and blood was squirting out like a fountain. Necro Butcher also ended up with several nasty gashes on his chest and back that were extremely deep and he had a huge chunk of his arm hanging out. Very sick footage, not for those with weak stomachs. These 12 men put on 10 crazy, wild, bloody death matches that must be seen. Show was taped with 3 cameras and this 2 disc DVD features lots of replays of the insanity and backstage interviews. Highly recommended for any death match fans. Bonus material includes a photo gallery slide show featuring over 70 pictures of the ultraviolence as taken by WHACKS as well as a bonus match of Zandig vs Nick Gage from Street Fight 99. DVD comes in a case with coverart.
1. The Arsenal vs Evil Ninja - 2 out of 3 Log Cabin Lighttube Match
2. Nick Gage vs Ruckus - Barbed Wire Boards
3. Mad Man Pondo vs Wifebeater - Fans Bring the Weapons
4. Sexxxy Eddy vs Ian Knoxx - Thumbtacks & Carpet Strips
5. Necro Butcher vs The Green Phantom - Fans Bring the Weapons
6. JC Bailey vs Chri$ Ca$h - Ladders & Lighttubes
7. Sexxxy Eddy vs The Arsenal - Lighttube Ropes & Corners
8. JC Bailey vs Wifebeater - Fans Bring the Weapons
9. Nick Gage vs Necro Butcher - Panes of Glass
10. Necro Butcher vs Wifebeater - Anything Goes (Tons of weapons, barbed wire ropes, cage parts covered in lightubes and lots more)
11. Bonus Match: Zandig vs Nick Gage - Street Fight
12. Bonus Photo Gallery Slide Show