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CCW June 1, 2019 "Thy Kingdom Come" - San Fernando, CA (Download)

CCW June 1, 2019 "Thy Kingdom Come" - San Fernando, CA (Download)
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CCW June 1, 2019 "Thy Kingdom Come" - San Fernando, CA (Download)
1. Alonzo Alvarez vs. Mike James
2. Fallout Boyz (Zack & Ezra) vs. Charming Personified (Rik Luxury & Biagio  Crescenzo) with Donovan Troi
3. MAX The Impaler vs. "The Villainess" Vipress
4. Robby Phoenix vs. "Symphony of Destruction" Zach Cooper
5. Diablo Azteca, Insaniac & Pinky Santino vs. Koto Hiro, Redbat & Iron Manzi
6. CCW Championship Tournament Quarter Final: The SUPERBEAST vs. the winner of opening qualifier triple threat 
7. CCW Championship Tournament Quarter Final: "THUMBTACK MASSACRE" Death Match: Terex vs. Homeless Jimmy 
8. CCW Championship Tournament Quarter Final: The "HARDCORE Queen of the West Coast" Marriah Moreno vs. "Puerto Rican Pitbull" Gino Rivera
9. The Stoner Bros. VS The Rejects
10. CCW Championship Tournament Quarter Final: "Barbed Wire Ropes" Death Match: Aidan Blackhart vs. BC Killer 

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