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CCW March 30, 2023 "Violent World" - Los Angeles, CA (Download)

CCW March 30, 2023 "Violent World" - Los Angeles, CA (Download)
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CCW March 30, 2023 "Violent World" - Los Angeles, CA (Download)
1. CCW Tag Team Tables Championship Match: The Stoner Brothers  vs. Smoke Signals
2. Sadistic Six-Way Match: Clint Margera vs. Hardcore vs. Kidd Bandit vs. Princess Deathwish vs. Terex vs. Michael Krueger
3. Thumbtack Massacre Supreme Violence Match: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Lazarus
4. Three Way Death Dance: BC Killer vs. GINHA vs. X-Torm
5. WrestleRave Championship Match: Dr. Redacted (C) vs. Casanova Valentine
6. CCW Supreme Violence Unification Match: Sage Sin Supreme (C) vs. Kikyo

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