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CZW DVD June 12, 2004 "Trifecta Elimination 2" - Philadelphia, PA

CZW DVD June 12, 2004 "Trifecta Elimination 2" - Philadelphia, PA
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CZW DVD June 12, 2004 "Trifecta Elimination 2" - Philadelphia, PA

CZW DVD "Trifecta Elimination 2"

This 3 disc set contains all the action from June 12, 2004 along with several backstage promos on 2 discs and a bonus disc with 2 special bonus items. The first is the complete Joker vs Zandig death match that took place just before Joker left for Iraq along with all pre and post match promos. The second bonus is episode #153 of Fake You TV that never aired on TV because it was deemed too violent. The dvd comes is a case with coverart.
1. Merc vs Sean Bishop
2. DJ Hyde vs GQ vs Jon Dahmer vs Shun the Kabuki Kid
3. Mikey Tenderfoot vs Rod Steel vs Justice
4. Blackout vs Derek Frazier & Chri$ Ca$h
5. The H8 Club vs Blackout
6. Gabriel vs Jay Fury vs Jeremy V
7. Excalibur vs Jigsaw vs "Spyder" Nate Webb
8. Trent Acid vs Adam Flash (along with post match antics by Teddy Hart)
9. Chris Hero vs B-Boy
10. "Spyder" Nate Webb vs Jay Fury vs Mikey Tenderfoot
11. Unlucky 13 Staple Gun and Panes of Glass Death Match: Messiah vs Wifebeater

Bonus Disc:
1. Death Match: Joker vs Zandig
2. Fake You TV Episode 153

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