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CZW - Fake You TV Episodes 3 - 4

CZW -  Fake You TV Episodes 3 - 4
CZW - Fake You TV Episodes 3 - 4

Episode 3:
- Reckless Youth vs Minoru Fujita
- Nate Hatred & Nick Gage vs The Briscoe Brothers
- Adam Flash, Danny Rose & Jeff Rocker vs Ruckus, Jon Dahmer & Fast Eddie Valentine
- Justice Pain vs Ric Blade vs Nick Gage vs Lobo
- Wifebeater vs Zandig - Exclusive footage from Mexico of Wifebeater winning CZW World Heavyweight Title
Episode 4:
- Ruckus vs Nick Berk vs Adam Flash
- Reckless Youth vs Minoru Fujita -
Sick Nick Mondo vs Johnny Kashmere
- Wifebeater vs Justice

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