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CZW January 12, 2013 "Ascension" - Voorhees, NJ (Download)

CZW January 12, 2013 "Ascension" - Voorhees, NJ (Download)
CZW January 12, 2013 "Ascension" - Voorhees, NJ (Download)


1. Shane Hollister vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Chris Brookes vs. Alex Reynolds
2. Azrieal & Bandido Jr. vs. Colin Delaney & Dalton Castle
3. Ezavel Suena vs. Jessie Brooks
4. Pepper Parks Interview
5. Alexander James & Drew Gulak vs. Devon Moore & Danny Havoc
6. Alex Colon vs. Shane Strickland
7. Dustin Rayz & Eric Ryan vs. OI4K (Irish Airborne)
8. Lucky tHURTeen vs. AR Fox
9. MASADA vs. Joe Gacy
10. Nate Wallace & DMC vs. David Starr & Latin Dragon
11. Eric Corvis & Nicholas Kaye vs. #KOA (Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic)

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