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CZW June 23, 2012 "Tournament of Death XI" - Townsend, DE (Download)

CZW June 23, 2012 "Tournament of Death XI" - Townsend, DE (Download)
CZW June 23, 2012 "Tournament of Death XI" - Townsend, DE (Download)

1. Drunken Scaffold Match: Lucky tHURTeen vs. Danny Havoc vs. Devon Moore
2. Ultraviolent Ladders Match: Rory Mondo vs. Drake Younger 
3. Pains In The Glass Match: Scot Summers vs. MASADA 
4. Ultraviolent Bats Match: Matt Tremont vs. Abdullah Kobayashi 
5. Non-Tournamnet Fans Bring The Weapons: Joe Gacy vs. Ryan Slater 
6. Carribean Spider-Pits Deathmatch: Drake Younger vs. Danny Havoc 
7. BJW Style Deathmatch: Abdullah Kobayashi vs. MASADA 
8. Non-Sanctioned Ultraviolent Death Match: Drake Younger vs. MASADA
9. Bonus Material: Danny Havoc vs. Lucky tHURTeen from Miami
10. Bonus Material: DJ Hyde vs. Drake Younger from Miami

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