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Devon Moore DVD "Notorious Scumbag: The Devon Moore Story"

Devon Moore DVD "Notorious Scumbag: The Devon Moore Story"
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Devon Moore DVD "Notorious Scumbag: The Devon Moore Story"

Devon Moore DVD "Notorious Scumbag: The Devon Moore Story"

This installment of Smart Mark Video's Best on the Indies series features Devon Moore with a 3 disc set which includes an 120+ minute interview and over 20 of his best matches.

1. Notorious Inc. vs. The North Star Express - Chikara 2/25/06
2. Devon Moore vs. Azriel - PWU 3/18/06
3. Crazy 8 Match: Detox vs. Devon Moore - PWU 5/20/06
4. Trent Acid vs. Devon Moore - PWU 6/28/06
5. Devon Moore vs. 2 Cold Scorpio - PWU 7/22/06
6. Devon Moore vs. Ricochet - IWA-MS 4/6/07
7. Barbwire Ropes & TLC: Devon Moore & Joker vs. CJ Otis & OMG - IWA-MS 10/26/07
8. Fans Bring The Weapons: Bloody Brothers vs. Joker & Devon Moore - IWA-MS 10/26/07
9. Pyramids Of Pain: Nick Gage vs. Dustin Lee vs. Devon Moore IWA-MS 6/20/08
10. 200 Light Tube, No Rope Barbed Wire, Scaffold: Devon Moore vs. Danny Havoc IWA-MS 6/21/08
11. Devon Moore vs. Tyler Black - IWA-MS 1/23/09
12. Thumbtack Kickpads & Lighttube Bundles: Devon Moore vs. Danny Havoc - wXw 4/4/09
13. Devon Moore vs. Pinkie Sanchez - CZW 6/13/09
14. Devon Moore vs. Rich Swann - CZW 7/11/09
15. B-Boy vs. Devon Moore vs. Scotty Vortekz - CZW 9/12/09
16. Devon Moore vs. Egotistico Fantastico - CZW 10/10/09
17. Scaffolds & Tables: Yuko Miyamoto vs. Devon Moore IWA East Coast 11/7/09
18. Notorious, Inc. vs. Adam Cole & Tyler Veritas - CZW 3/27/10
19. No Rope Barbed Wire, Fans Bring the Weapons: JC Bailey vs. Devon Moore IWA-MS 6/5/10
20. Loser Leaves: Drew Blood vs. Devon Moore - CZW 7/10/10
21. Jon Moxley vs. Devon Moore - CZW 11/7/10
22. Devon Moore vs. Drake Younger - CZW 2/13/11

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