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AIW May 20, 2007 "Absolution 2" - Cleveland, OH (Download)

AIW May 20, 2007 "Absolution 2" - Cleveland, OH (Download)
AIW May 20, 2007 "Absolution 2" - Cleveland, OH (Download)

1. Pre-Show Match: "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne vs. Shane Hollister
2. Pre-Show Match: Jimmy Kosar & Jesse Burke vs. The Path of Resistance (Lamont & Facade)
3. Patrick Hayes vs. Teddy Fine
4. Sensei Mike Krease vs. The Potato
5. Ricky Morton vs. Sensei Mike Krease
6. CJ Sensation & Dios Salvador vs. Team Big League (John McChesney & Larry Sweeney)
7. JRocc vs. Tracy Smothers
8. Tyler Black vs. Shiima Xion vs. AIW Intense Champion Starless 
9. Walk Thru Hell: The Thrillbilly vs. Tyrone Evans 
10. "The Deviant" Michael Hutter vs. Chris Cronus
11. Tables, Ladders, & Planks Match: Alpha Beta Duke (The Duke & Nick Belushi) vs. The Cut Throat Crew (Morty Rackem & Rufio Rapier) vs. AIW Tag Team Champions Revelation 13 (John Thorne & Matthew Justice) 
12. AIW Absolute Champion Raymond Rowe vs. Romeo Vino
13. Steve Corino vs. AIW Absolute Champion Raymond Rowe 

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