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CZW July 29, 2006 "Tournament of Death 5" - Smyrna, DE (Download)

CZW July 29, 2006 "Tournament of Death 5" - Smyrna, DE (Download)
CZW July 29, 2006 "Tournament of Death 5" - Smyrna, DE (Download)

1. Brandon Prophet vs. Andy Sumner vs. Nick Gage - Barbed Wire Ropes & Ultraviolent Light Tube Match
2. Drake Younger vs. JC Bailey vs. LOBO - Ultraviolent Light Tubes & Spider Web Of Death Match
3. Brain Damage vs. Toby Klein vs. Necro Butcher - Barbed Wire Ropes & Fans Bring The Weapons
4. DJ Hyde vs. Danny Havoc vs. Zandig - Barbed Wire Ropes, Barbed Wire Boards & Panes Of Glass
5. Eradication vs. Dragonfly vs. Blood
6. Ruckus & Robbie Mireno vs. Drew Gulak & Jimmy Dream
7. Kylie Pierce vs. Chad Austin
8. Brandon Prophet vs. Nick Gage vs. Necro Butcher vs. Brain Damage - Fans Bring The Weapons
9. Drake Younger vs. JC Bailey vs. DJ Hyde vs. Danny Havoc - Light Tubes, Ladders & Lemons
10. George W. Baus vs. Joe Gacy
11. JC Bailey vs. Nick Gage vs. Brain Damage vs. Drake Younger - Light Tube Ropes & Fan Bring The Weapons 4 Way Elimination Death Match 

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