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CZW June 8, 2002 "Best Of The Best 2" - Philadelphia, PA (Download)

CZW June 8, 2002 "Best Of The Best 2" - Philadelphia, PA (Download)
CZW June 8, 2002 "Best Of The Best 2" - Philadelphia, PA (Download)


1. M-Dogg 20 vs Gabriel vs Trent Acid
2. Nick Berk vs B-Boy vs Super Dragon
3. Ruckus vs Heavy Max Feury vs Tony Mamaluke
4. Jonny Storm vs Jody Fleisch vs Johnny Kashmere
5. Gauntlet Battle Royal featuring Nick Gage, Nate Hatred, Chri$ Ca$h, GQ, Eddie Valentine, Jon Dahmer, Z-Barr, Towel Boy, RFK, Ty Street, Rick Michaels, Josh Prohibition, Rockin Rebel, Adam Flash, Doomsday Danny Rose, The Messiah, Ian Knoxx, Chris Stylz, John House, and more.
6. Trent Acid vs M-Dogg 20
7. Super Dragon vs B-Boy
8. Tony Mamaluke vs Ruckus
9. Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm
10. The Wifebeater vs LOBO - Ultraviolent Match featuring barbed wire boards, light tubes and tables covered in light tubes and barbed wire.
11. B-Boy vs Trent Acid
12. Jody Fleisch vs Ruckus
13. The Messiah vs "Sick" Nick Mondo vs Justice Pain - Special Referee: Adam Flash
14. Trent Acid vs Jody Fleisch


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