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CZW October 10, 2015 "Tangled Web 8" - Voorhees, NJ (Download)

CZW October 10, 2015 "Tangled Web 8" - Voorhees, NJ (Download)
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CZW October 10, 2015 "Tangled Web 8" - Voorhees, NJ (Download)

1. Neiko Sozio vs. Pepper Parks
2. AR Fox vs. Joe Gacy
3. CZW Tag Team Championship: Beaver Boys vs. Team Tremendous(c)
4. CZW Wired Championship: Joey Janela vs. Tim Donst(c)
5. Dick Justice vs. Greg Excellent
6. Masada vs. Rory Gulak
7. David Starr vs. JT Dunn
8. CZW Heavyweight Championship: BLK Jeez vs. Matt Tremont(c)
9. Tangled Web match: Nation of Intoxication vs. OI4K

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