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CZW "Uncut: BLK Jeez" (Download)

CZW "Uncut: BLK Jeez" (Download)
CZW "Uncut: BLK Jeez" (Download)
For the first time in his 15 year career, BLK Jeez is given the opportunity to speak completely uncensored and uncut. The controversial star already speaks his mind when not asked, just imagine what happens when the cuffs are taken off, this release also features a dozen of his best matches.  

Matches Included: 
1. BLK Jeez vs. Chris Cash (Bring on the Pain-3/5/04)
2. BLK Out vs. Chris Cash, Jimmy Jacobs & Sonjay Dutt (Overdrive-3/6/04)
3. BLK Out vs. Chris Cash, JC Bailey, Nate Webb & Sexxxy Eddy (Cage of Death 6-12/11/04)
4. BLK Jeez vs. Mike Quackenbush (Trifecta Elimination 3-4/2/05)
5. BLK Out vs. Kings of Wrestling & Super Dragon (An Afternoon of Main Events-1/14/06)
6. BLK Out vs. El Generico, H8 Club & Kevin Steen (Prelude to Violence-7/8/06)
7. BLK Jeez vs. Chuck Taylor (Best of the Best 8-5/10/08)
8. BLK Jeez vs. Adam Cole vs. Devon Moore vs. Drew Blood vs. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Greg Excellent (11th Anniversary-2/13/10)
9. Philly's Most Wanted vs. Osirian Portal (Cage of Death XII-12/11/10)
10. BLK Jeez vs. Devon Moore (Tangled Web 4-8/13/11)
11. BLK Jeez vs. Jonathan Gresham (New Heights-7/12/14)
12. BLK Jeez vs. Biff Busick vs. Drew Gulak vs. Sozio (Cage of Death XVI-12/13/14)

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