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F1RST Wrestling June 19, 2022 "Wrestlepalooza XX" - Minneapolis, MN (Download)

F1RST Wrestling June 19, 2022 "Wrestlepalooza XX" - Minneapolis, MN (Download)
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F1RST Wrestling June 19, 2022 "Wrestlepalooza XX" - Minneapolis, MN (Download)
1. Sonny Kiss vs. Devon Monroe
2. Burlesque: Sweetpea
3. Rylie J. vs. A. Starr vs. Brandon Gore vs. WARHORSE
4. Drag: Sasha R. Cassadine
5. Kiera Hogan vs. Free-Range Kara
6. Musical Performance: Sean Anonymous & Friends
7. "The Frontman" JAH-C vs. Dark Sheik
8. Heavy Metal LORE vs. Kal Creed vs. Kidd Bandit vs. Thunder Frog
9. Shane Black vs. Connor Hopkins vs. Eel O’Neal vs. JORDAN
10. Burlesque: Emerald 
11. Darin Corbin vs. Ariya Daivari

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