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H2O Wrestling January 15, 2022 "Bloody Floors" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)

H2O Wrestling January 15, 2022 "Bloody Floors" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)
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H2O Wrestling January 15, 2022 "Bloody Floors" - Williamstown, NJ (Download)
1. Undiscovered Championship: Nick Grande vs. Edward Hawkins 
2. Darien Hardway vs. Stan Stylez 
3. Frank Bonetti vs. Dyln McKay vs. G.G Everson vs. Cecilia Vega 
4. Hardcore Trial Series: G-Raver vs. Rocket 
5. Hardcore Trial Series: Lady Blakey vs. Devon Moore
6. Hardcore Trial Series: Lowlife Louie vs. Jess Moss 
7. Hybrid Championship: Reid Walker vs. Kennedi Copeland 
8. Ryan Redfield vs. Bam Sullivan 
9. Leroy Robinson vs. Brandon Kirk 
10. Jimmy Lyon vs. Chuck Payne vs. Green Phantom
11. Frankie Pickard vs. Duncan Aleem
12. OPW Championship: (c) Kit Osbourne vs. Anthraxx

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