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ICW June 21, 2015 "Father's Day Classic" - Cudahy, WI (Download)

ICW June 21, 2015 "Father's Day Classic" - Cudahy, WI (Download)
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ICW June 21, 2015 "Father's Day Classic" - Cudahy, WI (Download)
1. ICW Tag Team Championship: Skylar Reed & Xavier Mustafa vs. The Swashbuckling Ice Creamers
2. Adam Grace vs. Tyler Jackson
3. Derek St. Holmes vs. Scott Marciano
4. AC Riley vs. Jose Garcia
5. Colin Brooks vs. "Pornstache" Peter Schwanz
6. Matt Winchester vs. Stacy Shadows
7. ICW Heavyweight Championship: Brock Hall vs. Joey Avalon(c)

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