LXW April 19, 2014 "ThunderManier" - Sylacauga, AL (Download)


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LXW April 19, 2014 "ThunderManier" - Sylacauga, AL (Download)

1. Fatal 4-Way: Frightmare vs. Kaden Sade vs. Josh Crow vs. Kerry Awful 
2. Robert Gibson vs. Dr. Tom Prichard w/ Rock and Roll RPM: Allen Martin
3. "Hollywood" Kyle Bakula w/Derek Bischoff vs.  "The Kosher Chef" Andrew Goldstein
4. Triple Threat No DQ Falls Count Anywhere: "Action" Mike Jackson vs. Joe Hogan vs Ultimate Dragon
5. 8-Team Gauntlet match to crown the LXW Double Burger Tag Team titles
6. Freight Train and Red Solo Cup w/ Peanut vs.  Big Donnie and Memphis Monroe 
7. 7-Way Tables Ladders Chairs and Doors Match: John Rare vs Spidar Boodrow vs Frightmare vs John Wayne Murdoch vs Bryant Woods vs Freakshow vs Josh Crow 

Bonus Material: Big Donny Shoot Interview