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IWA Mid-South May 20, 2022 "Home Sweet Chicago" - Summit, IL (Download)

IWA Mid-South May 20, 2022 "Home Sweet Chicago" - Summit, IL (Download)
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IWA Mid-South May 20, 2022 "Home Sweet Chicago" - Summit, IL (Download)
1. Brandon Royal vs. LaDon Sanders
2. Tyler Matrix vs. Corey Storm
3. IWA Women's Title Match: Thunderkitty (c) vs. Alice Crowley vs. Hollyhood Haley J vs. Malia Hosaka
4. Evil Nate vs. The Carver
5. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Matt Diesel
6. Josh Raymond vs. Corn Boi vs. Dustan Moseley vs. Niko Kline vs. Noah Gabriel vs. Satu Jinn
7. Logan James vs. Trik Davis
8. IWA Tag Team Titles Match: Dale Patricks & Kevin Giza (c) vs. GKFam vs. Eric Darkstorm & Maximo Suave
9. Kongo Kong vs. The Hoodfoot
10. IWA World Title Match. Deadly Tables Match: Jake Crist (c) vs. John Wayne Murdoch

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