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VOW March 12, 2016 "Lucha Vicioso Uno" - Connellsville, PA (Download)

VOW March 12, 2016 "Lucha Vicioso Uno" - Connellsville, PA (Download)
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VOW March 12, 2016 "Lucha Vicioso Uno" - Connellsville, PA (Download)

1. Dezmond Xavier vs. Doomsday vs. Qefka the Quiet vs. Percy Davis vs. Rayo vs. Zito
2. Panda Mask vs. Superbeast
3. Bryan Douglas & Super Oprah vs. Samantha Heights & Steven Strick
4. Anarchy Rules: Conor Claxton vs. Dale Patricks
5. Cannons Enmascarada (Argus & Worker Ant) vs. The Outcasts (Alexander James & MV Young) vs. Young Dragons (Ace Perry & Tripp Cassidy)
6. VOW Hyper Sonic Championship: Facade(c) vs. Fenix Fury
7. VOW Anarchy Championship: Conor Claxton vs. Facade(c)
8. Sahara Se7en vs. Terra Callaway
9. VOW Heavyweight Championship: Gory vs. Jack Pollock(c)

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