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DreamWave April 7, 2012 "Anniversary III" - LaSalle, IL (Download)

DreamWave April 7, 2012 "Anniversary III" - LaSalle, IL (Download)
DreamWave April 7, 2012 "Anniversary III" - LaSalle, IL (Download)

1. Battle Royal 
2. TLC Match: The Dudesons vs. The Beck Family vs. Zero Gravity vs. P.R.I.D.E. 
3. Waylon Beck vs. Mason Beck 
4. Last Man Standing Match: Brian Nelson vs. Greg Glover 
5. Ace Martino vs. Christian Rose vs. Mr. 450 vs. Steve Boz 
6. Vic Capri vs. Acid 
7. Prince Mustafa Ali vs. Marshe Rockett 
8. Respect Match: Dan Lawrence vs. Shane Hollister 
9. Taylor Made vs. Serenity 
10. Nick Brubaker vs. Austin Roberts

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