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DreamWave Wrestling November 5, 2016 "100" - LaSalle, IL (Download)

DreamWave Wrestling November 5, 2016 "100" - LaSalle, IL (Download)
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DreamWave Wrestling November 5, 2016 "100" - LaSalle, IL (Download)

1. Chris Castro & Corbin Blaze vs. The RuffBecks (Mason Beck & Ruff Crossing)

2. Connor Braxton vs. Gyasi vs. Jackson Kelly vs. Markus Crane vs. Rosko vs. Zicky Dice

3. Whirlwind Gentlemen (Jack Manley & Remy Marcel) vs. Zero Gravity (Bret Gakiya & CJ Esparza)

4. Abyss vs. Alexander Hammerstone

5. Arik Cannon, Little Guido & Suge D vs. Buck Nasty, Joey Ryan & Kody Rice

6. Acid vs. Austin Roberts

7. DreamWave Alternative Championship: JT Dunn(c) vs. Stephen Wolf

8. DreamWave Tag Team Championship: Brubaker & Marshe Rockett vs. Spears and Beers(c) (Mike Hartenbower & Waylon)

9. Christian Rose vs. Matt Cage

10. DreamWave Championship: Ariya Daivari vs. Prince Mustafa Ali(c)

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